Deadbolt Mini Mystery #1:  Return to the Hideaway

What is a Mini Mystery, you might ask?

Deadbolt Mini Mysteries offer smaller cases that don't require as much time to complete as our subscription boxes. While our Mini Mysteries will bring back old characters, revisit settings from old boxes, and introduce new characters, the working of prior boxes will not be necessary to enjoy these. If you are a fan of our mysteries and characters, however, Deadbolt Minis will fill in some of the blanks about what happens after the events that take place in our boxes.

*Deadbolt Mini Mysteries will ship around the end of this month. Only $11.99 plus $.99 shipping.

Deadbolt Mini Mystery #1: Return to The Hideaway Motel:

Note: Takes place after the events of "Murder in 3B" and "Ransom."

Return to the sleepy town of Valley Falls and pull back the dingy curtain to take another look at its sordid underbelly. Head back to The Hideaway Motel and discover the secrets that a killer called The Magpie left behind. As you visit one of the most notorious spots in town, uncover one of Valley Falls' most well-kept secrets and do so while trying to avoid a local mafioso hitman who goes by the name of Vito the Smile.

*Includes collectible card.

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