Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the schedule for subscriptions?  We take subscriptions throughout the month.  The cutoff is the last day of the month.  We then mail out all boxes by the 4th of the following month.  

If I subscribe on the 13th of the month when will my box ship?  All boxes subscriptions for the month will be filled on the 1st-4th of the following month.    

What if I missed a box I really, really wanted?  Sometimes for really popular boxes we will make them available as a standalone purchase that doesn't require a subscription.

What kind of commitment am I making when I sign up?  Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time so there isn't much commitment at all.    

Who writes these?  Jason, Shawn, and Vanessa Brannon are the content authors of The Deadbolt Mystery Society.  For the past two years they have been the creative force behind Deadbolt Escape Rooms in Tupelo, MS.  Jason Brannon is also the internationally-published author of numerous horror and dark fantasy novels.  Given their combined skills in fiction and puzzle-writing, a mystery box service seemed like a natural progression.

What if I have a question/concern that isn't listed here?  Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want to make sure you are thrilled with our product.  If you have any kind of question or concern, send us an email at deadboltmysterysociety at gmail dot com and we will reply as promptly as possible.