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Murder in 3B


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Our March 2018 box. *Note-this box has already been issued for subscribers. If you are a subscriber after the March 2018 window, this box will not be automatically sent to you. The Hideaway Motel is an infamous haunt that most of the citizens of Valley Falls know to steer clear of. Megan Thompson either didn’t know of the motel’s seedy reputation or stayed there precisely because of it. That decision turned out to be a fatal one. She was found murdered in her room by the housekeeper, stabbed multiple times by an unknown assailant. The reason for her stay in Valley Falls is unknown. However, authorities believe one of the guests at The Hideaway is her killer. As an investigator with the Will Street Detective Agency you have been asked to consult on the case...and to bring the murderer to justice. Comb through the investigation notes, read the suspect statements, examine the evidence, and close the case. Find out what really happened at The Hideaway Motel and solve the “Murder in 3B.”

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