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Carnival of Chaos


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Product Description

The Shadow Brothers’ Carnival of Chaos had only been setup in Valley Falls for a little more than a day when Madame Ruby was found murdered in her fortune teller’s wagon, bludgeoned to death with her own crystal ball. Although the killer was efficient in their killing, they left Madame Ruby before they were certain she was dead. In a last ditch effort to provide information about the one who murdered her, Madame Ruby managed to scrawl this note before passing over into the Great Beyond: “The spirits will tell you who did this to me.” The prime suspects for the murder come from the freak show. Those are the people you need to focus on. However, if they won’t talk, maybe the spirits will. There have been reports of some strange occurrences going on at night after the midway shuts down. The carnies are claiming that something is using the midway games to leave cryptic messages. So you have a murder investigation, a creepy carnival, and a midway that may or may not be haunted by ghosts who are seeking to shed some light on Madame Ruby’s murder by leaving messages amongst the test-your-luck games. *Contains paranormal elements. Difficulty Level: 7/10

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