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Product Description

Late last year a series of grisly murders in the town of Valley Falls captivated the world. A handful of victims were abducted at various points throughout the month, killed in gruesome ways, decorated to resemble popular children’s toys, and gift-wrapped for the police to find. Among those “toys” that were created and left for the authorities: a life-sized Jack in the Box that caused a spring-loaded victim to pop out of the top when the handle was cranked, a Nutcracker doll decorated with greasepaint and blood, a robot that was created from both human and mechanical parts, and a marionette whose movements could be controlled via a series of cables that were attached the victim’s limbs. The gift cards attached to each one were all signed by someone calling themselves “The Toymaker.” Police were closing in on the culprit when The Toymaker stopped killing, causing the trail to grow cold. They have continued to pursue leads throughout the year, but they haven’t had any real breakthroughs in a while. Earlier this week, a new “gift” arrived from the killer, and it is reasonable to assume that the murders will start anew. If the pattern holds, there is only a very finite amount of time to investigate before The Toymaker goes underground again. No doubt The Toymaker has more “toys” in mind to create so lives are at risk. Difficulty Level: 7/10

*Product has been resized to our current smaller box size.

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