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The Seaside Strangler-item 1953695533


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Product Description

The Will Street Detective Agency has received a tip about The Seaside Strangler murders that has led you, a consulting detective, to nearby Gold Hook Island to investigate. The tiny island of Gold Hook is home to a mere 32 families and can only be reached by ferry. With a few eating establishments, stretches of uninhabited beachfront, and The Kingfisher hotel, Gold Hook is a quaint tourist getaway in temperate months and is mostly cut off from the mainland in the winter. After the National Weather Service announces that a nor’easter is headed their way, the residents of Gold Hook begin to evacuate the island using the small ferry that makes the two mile journey back and forth to the mainland. On its way back to pick up the last batch of residents, the ferry experiences a mechanical failure that renders it inoperable, leaving you and a few other people behind on the island to fend for themselves during the storm. Not long after the storm begins to hammer the coastline of Gold Hook, one of those left behind is found strangled with a length of strangely knotted rope, leading you to conclude that The Seaside Strangler is one of those who didn’t make it back to the mainland. The police and Coast Guard are unavailable for the next twenty-four hours due to the extreme weather so help will not be coming any time soon. Leaving the island is not an option. Your only choice...determine who The Seaside Strangler is and close a case that the police have been unable to close. Difficulty Level: 6.5/10

*Product has been resized to our current smaller box size.

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