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Copycat Deluxe 4-box bundle (15% off regular price)


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Product Description

Receive all three boxes that lead up to the Copycat case (The Toymaker, The Seaside Stranger, Wanted) as well as the Copycat case.

The Toymaker: A serial killer is loose in Valley Falls that turns his victims into gruesome toys. Can you catch The Toymaker:

The Seaside Strangler: A storm is brewing and a killer is loose on Gold Hook Island. With no way off the island until the storm clears, you must determine the identity of The Seaside Strangler.

Wanted: The Black Rock Butcher murders date back over 150 years but were never solved. Open the cold case and see if you can solve a mystery that dozens of detectives since then have been unable to crack.

Copycat: A new series of victims belonging to The Toymaker, The Seaside Strangler, and The Black Rock Butcher have been found. The only problem? Those maniacs are either incarcerated, institutionalized, or dead. That can only mean one thing: a copycat is on the loose!

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