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Dead Men Tell No Tales...or Do They?

Pirates, plunder, and pleasure. That’s what passengers who sign up to “Voyage Aboard the Black Dagger” will experience as they set sail on a 4-day luxury pirate-themed cruise in the Atlantic. Those who book a spot aboard The Dagger will spend their time in full pirate regalia, enjoying the high seas as buccaneers of old did: imbibing on copious amounts of rum, feasting in the banquet hall, gambling, and lounging on the deck. As part of a new promotion, guests aboard the ship will also have the duration of the cruise to search for clues aboard The Black Dagger that will lead to Captain Armstead’s treasure. Whoever finds the treasure first wins $25,000. Given your recent case load with The Will Street Detective Agency, you are eager for a break and book passage aboard the ship, thinking it sounds like fun...and a way to possibly win a nice stack of cash. A group of history and English professors from Valley Falls University has the same idea and books spots on the cruise as a last hurrah before the fall term begins. The voyage is everything the brochures describe and more. Everyone is having the time of their lives when the unthinkable happens and one of the professors, Dr. Alexander Gorman, is found stabbed in the back in his cabin. Because the ship is hours from the nearest port and you have had some success with this type of case you offer to help with the investigation. The captain readily agrees. There is a killer aboard The Black Dagger, and it is up to you to uncover the motive behind Dr. Gorman’s murder and bring the killer to justice. Difficulty Level: 7.5/10

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