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A Second Chance at Love (Mini Mystery)


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Product Description

When the reality TV drama, “A Second Chance at Love,” announced that it would be filming its next season in Valley Falls, excitement was high. As filming started, Aaron Queens, this season’s new bachelor, was already a hit with the ladies. His looks and charm made many of the avid watchers wish they could be on the show as a contestant. But tragedy struck the show during the filming of Wreckage Night, an episode where some of the bachelor’s exes are invited to spend a week with the contestants. After some technical issues, the crew returned to start filming only to find Aaron Queens dead in his room. Will you be able to sift through all of the lies, spite, and romance to find the killer?

Note: This is a mystery that is half the size of our normal boxes and takes about half the amount of time to complete. The mini will be delivered in an envelope, not a box.

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