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Buy 1 Get 1 Free - The Cabin and The Watcher-item 4581634645


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Product Description

With this offer, receive The Cabin and The Watcher. Shipping rates apply for free box.

The Cabin - 20 years ago five camp counselors were brutally murdered at Camp Echo. Now, those who survived have been summoned back to the camp by an eccentric millionaire and offered a large sum of money to spend one more night there for an upcoming reality show. No one seriously thinks the killing will start up again...until the headless body of the millionaire is found. The murderer, it seems, has returned. Old secrets will be unearthed. Bodies will fall. And The Reaper, once more, will reap. What truths will be uncovered in...The Cabin? Difficulty Rating – 7/10

The Watcher - Allison Zeller has a secret admirer. She thinks the mysterious guy is sweet enough at first until his behavior escalates past simple admiration and spirals into full-blown obsession. Someone is stalking her and growing impatient that they can't have her. This infatuation culminates in a full-blown attack on Allison's life, leaving her at death's door. It's likely that whoever did this to her will come back to finish what they started. Can you find out the identity of Allison's stalker before it's too late? Can you unmask The Watcher? Difficulty Rating – 7.5/10

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