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Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Blackout and The Gift-item 4581637602


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Product Description

With this offer, receive Blackout and The Gift. Shipping rates apply for free box.

Blackout - When Rob Evers gets a big promotion at work, a celebration is in order. After a wild night out on the town, Rob wakes up in a dark alley with no memory of his actions and the disturbing sense that he might have been involved in something. Only he can't remember what. With a sinking feeling in his gut, he checks his pockets and finds a several strange items along with a series of voice messages on his phone. When he calls his friends, they even tell him that he left the bar with a woman. Rob has no memory of the night at all and is worried about what he might have done. Retrace Rob's actions from the night in question and determine all of the things he did during his Blackout! Difficulty Rating – 7/10

The Gift - As the holiday season approaches, the Valley Falls Police Department receives an early present: three dead bodies surrounded by toys and games. These “gifts” have been left by someone calling themselves The Tinkerer. Now, the killer has left a note at the Will Street Detective Agency claiming that more lives are on the line. Time is running out. Difficulty Rating – 6.5/10

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